Desserts are food devised entirely for pleasure. Whether as a festive cake to celebrate a special day, a simple slice of fruit tart as a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a satisfying dessert to restore the palate at the end of a meal, desserts are a delightful addition to any occasion.

We take pride in combining fresh, quality ingredients to create desserts that are lighter, less sweet, and more flavorful for today's appetites. Dedicated to offering a variety of unique and fresh specialties, we always make our desserts with the care and attention fine food requires. 

Lemon Chiffon Cake *

Mini 9" serves 8   $20

Tall 9" serves 12   $30

Chocolate Chiffon Cake*

serves 12      $30

Bavarian Cream Cake

serves 12      $30


serves 12     $35

Tuscan Cream Cake

serves 12     $30

Carrot Cake

serves 12     $30

Marquisse Cake

6"    serves 6     $25

9"    serves 12-14     $40

Two Layer Mousse

6"    serves 6     $20

9"    serves 12   $30

Chocolate Espresso Roulade

Coconut Cream Cake

serves 12     $30

Key Lime pie

serves 8     $18

serves 12     $30

serves6     $20

Lemon Cloud Pie

serves 8     $18

Sheet Cake

1/4 serves 30

1/2 serves 60

full serves 100+

We always have a selection of desserts on hand. However to guarantee your order, specific desserts, pastries and breads should be ordered 48 hours in advance during business hours. 


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